Applied Team’s Goa Sojourn

by Priya Menon

The Applied Team flew down from various parts of India and the US for a retreat in Goa, the land of sun, sand, and paradise, this February. The four day break was a welcome and invigorating one.

The team had plenty of time to relax, unwind and indulge in some beach volleyball, water polo matches in the pool, hikes, and meditation sessions by the beach. The sumptuous food and the company of team mates added to the charm of Goa, known for its clear weather and surfing friendly waves.

The evenings saw the team gathering for tete-a-tete with team members sans any precincts and brain storming sessions continuing late into the night with the setting sun and the cool sea breeze forming the perfect backdrop.

The team had a totally amazing time!

Take a peek at what the Applied team was up to in Goa …

Applied Team at Goa

Flying high!!!

Applied in Goa

Applied team



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