About Us

Applied Informatics Inc. is a leading software development company based in New York City. Our mission is to make Information Technology (IT) work, elegantly and simply by using the best technologies to solve real user needs. At Applied Informatics Inc. we are motivated and passionate about redefining the way software products are built. Our passion and motivation is at the core of the design and development of any product.

We develop our own innovative software products and also provide custom software development services. We have built products that help patients connect with doctorsdeveloping life-saving treatments to products that help you call your family/friends in one group call anywhere in the world.

Our products are used in organizations like the Cleveland clinic and we have built sites that receive more than 15 million visitors a month.

We have won major national and international software challenges and been featured in leading media companies such as The New York Times. We have been invited to speak at major industry conferences.

If you are looking to work/collaborate with a cutting-edge software company or want more information about our products and servicescontact us.

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