Recap of our Machine Learning Chops at DIA2018!

by Shweta Mishra


DIA 2018 just ended last week. We showcased our featured product Applied ML – a cutting edge Machine Learning solution for working with clinical trials data…



…and that is our CEO Dr. Sharib Khan on the screen demonstrating one of the fun computer vision feature that recognises people’s faces, predicts their age and gender then matches to a celebrity.



The demo was a huge hit! Folks gathered at our booth # 2705 to check out their celeb match and invited their friends who then got their friends.



We were excited but not too surprised to learn that our super talented creative director resembles a famous pop singer and also an actor.



We also found Bruce Willis look-a-alike on the floor



Fun aside, we showed how the same computer vision technology could be used to parse information from a protocol document using the Applied ML platform. The technology performs unsupervised detection of the boundaries and then the text is sent to a set of supervised text classifiers and named entity extraction algorithms that are able to identify the relevant details from the protocol document. The extracted entities could then be leveraged to solve a variety of protocol optimisation problems in terms of protocol design, feasibility planning and patient recruitment.


Our Applied ML transformer robots giveaways and the gold coin chocolates were a hit!


Despite all the business talks and demos, thanks to the DIA2018 organizers, we did not miss the most thrilling FIFA world cup 2018 match.

Look forward to learning more and sharing more new technologies at DIA2019  in June 23-27 in San Diego, California!


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