Applied Team in Training with Language Coach Vikas Kumar

by Priya Menon


The Applied team had a very informative and fun filled training session in communication skills with language coach Vikas Kumar on 24th and 25th of July. Vikas is founder of Strictly Speaking and has worked with actors, news anchors, and sports commentators, and trained/coached personalities like Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan, Kalki Koechlin, Ravish Kumar, Ravi Shastri.

The training conducted over two days dealt with voice/diction, conversation, connecting and more. The exercises/games allowed the team to break away from routines, get to know each other, have fun and take away learning that could be applied in everyone’s lives.

The training session started off with team members talking about their strengths and what they considered to be their negative traits. This hour long introduction was the highlight of the training …since it relaxed the entire team and Vikas was able to get everyone to shed their inhibitions and enjoy each other’s company. This set the ambiance for exercises on voice, diction, and breathing which were to follow.


Vikas led the entire team (Srinagar team attending in person, Kochi team and me from Chennai video conferenced via Skype) through an exhaustive list of exercises which could help strengthen the natural speaking voice of a person. This also included breathing routines which aimed at your overall well-being.


The sessions went on to include ‘Role Play through Telephone Conversation’, where pairs of team members came up with their unique take on relationships, money, and more. It was a very distinctive exercise and allowed each participant to work in tandem with another and present the same in front of the whole group. Another very notable and interesting exercise was the ‘Just a Minute’, where each participant was asked to pick a topic from the compiled topics suggested by other members and speak on it for one minute. This was more or less an extempore and the plethora of topics that kept coming up was amazing – Kashmir, Education as a Business, Friends and Friendship, Mother, Human Nature, Cars, Mumbai, Tourism in Kashmir, Importance of Money, Technology, Utopian Society and many more.


Vikas then went on to introduce a few exceptional team building exercises which had the participants get rid of their physical inhibitions. They team got creative playing Still Imageswhere they arranged themselves in scenes called out by Vikas as if captured in a photo frame.





Vikas took a lot of care to ensure participation from all in the team. His pointers towards effective speech, having a conversation, formal talk or presentation were very beneficial. (More on these will follow).

In all, the training session was a great experience.


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  1. Truly, your dedication towards language is impressive.I have fond of my mother language.I always try to learn new words in it.

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