Applied Team’s Weekend at Pahalgam

by Priya Menon

Team Applied recently traveled to the beautiful Pahalgam. Located at an altitude¬†7200¬†ft. on the banks of River Lidder, Pahalgam is a much sought after tourist and Bollywood film shooting destination. With towering mountains and deep valleys, Pahalgam can make you sigh and wonder at nature’s abundant beauty.

Applied team - Pahalgam

The team set off on a Friday, for two nights at Pahalgam.

Applied team - On the way!


Applied team enroute to Pahalgam.

Applied team chilling!

River Lidder winds its ways through the Betaab Valley, and here the team indulged in some bird watching, swimming and games.

Applied team - River Lidder

Cricket, football, and swimming being the agenda, the team also had an opportunity to interact with the villagers when they went trekking in the nearby mountains. Amidst tete-a-tat they can be seen enjoying tea with the nomads who inhabit these mountains.

Applied team - Pahalgam 3

Applied team - Pahalgam - 4

The last day saw the team travel to the nearby Aru valley and the Pahalgam market.

Applied team - Pahalgam 2


Applied team outing

A weekend of fun!

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