BURNINGMAN App! Walk to Earn Free Bitcoins

by Priya Menon

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We just launched the Burningman App –  a social experiment to motivate people to walk more.

It is recommended that one walk 10,000 steps-a-day. However, most Americans walk much less averaging around 5200 steps a day.  So Burningman is our attempt to motivate people to do better. And what better than rewarding them with free bitcoins. Yes! You read that right.

Burningman users can convert steps walked to bitcoins at the end of each day. Every calendar month we will give away free bitcoins based on the number of steps you walk as compared to steps walked by every one else.  Check the Burningman App website for details

Interestingly, our team estimates that calories burnt walking 7.5 billion steps is equal to the power consumed for mining one bitcoin in a month (check out the math here!) And this can be achieved, if 25,000 people walked 10,000 steps everyday for 30 days!!  So invite your friends to walk and burn to earn bitcoins!

Burningman represents our strong commitment to develope consumer-friendly mHealth solutions that also benefit people’s health. Stay tuned as we have a lot coming with regards to mobile based research study apps for both iOS and Android.

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