Five Point Formula to be an Effective Team Member

by Shahid Ayoub

Effective team member


Working in a team requires special skills. While the most important among these would be communication and peoples skills, let us take a look at some of the other factors too that needs to be inculcated for being an effective team member.

  1. Communication : Good communication skills are essential in teamwork. This means you should strive to be open to other people’s ideas. Listen thoughtfully and be enthusiastic in your support of their ideas if warranted. Take the initiative to share your own ideas and do so respectfully.
  2. Being an example : You have to work with dedication and effectively on the tasks assigned to you, so that others are inspired and their determination will increase accordingly. But don’t brag about your work! This can have a negative impact in the team. Your hard work and dedication should pave a way for positive change in the team.
  3. Contribution in Team Building: The strength of a team is not judged by its numbers but by the contribution of team-mates to the team. When you work to improve your contribution to the team your importance and effectiveness will automatically be accounted.
  4. Dignity and respect: Dignity and respect are crucial to building and sustaining an environment in which everyone feels included, valued, and appreciated. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact.
  5. Adaptation: Adapt yourself to the ideas, suggestions of other team teammates. And be ready to participate and adapt yourself to the new technologies, tools to be used for new projects or existing projects.

After all as per Tom Peters,

Today we live in a project world and, if you’re in a project world, you’ve got to be a great teammate.

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