HealthLink, the Only Business Entry to Be Among the Winners of the ONC’s Metadata Challenge

by Applied Informatics

As part of its Health Data Platform initiative,  the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) of Healthcare Information Technology organized the Metadata Challenge and the Single Sign on Challenges (in which our team placed second).

“We are very pleased to know that Applied Informatics’s submission, HealthLink was the only company among the three winners chosen by the ONC!”

That is a great honor to be among the winners which include the Tetherless World Consortium at the RPI who have been developing semantic web technologies for several years and the second place winners, The team from the National Center for Biomedical Ontology, who are charged with working on biomedical ontologies.

As part of the challenge, we examined close to 370 datasets from health and then created an ontology in Protege to create cross links between these vocabularies. Where possible we used existed vocabularies like Foaf, GO, ICD-9 and others. We then loaded the datasets as RDF triples in Virtuoso so as to be able to run SPARQL queries.

You can see the video of the submission below:

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