HL7-FHIR 101

by Nadeem Nazeer

“Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is a draft standard describing data formats and elements (known as “resources”) and an Application Programming Interface (API) for exchanging Electronic health records. The standard was created by the Health Level Seven International (HL7) health-care standards organization” – courtesy Wikepedia.

  1. FHIR® is an acronym for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.
  2. It is a next generation standards framework created by HL7.
  3. It combines the best features of HL7’s v2 , HL7 v3 and CDA product lines.
  4. It leverages the latest web standards and applies a tight focus on implementability.
  5. Its solutions are built from a set of modular components called “Resources”.
  6. FHIR resources can easily be assembled into working systems that solve real world clinical and administrative problems at a fraction of the price of existing alternatives.
  7. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts – mobile phone apps, cloud communications, EHR-based data sharing, server communications in large institutional healthcare providers, and much more.
  8. It has got strong foundation in Web standards– XML, JSON, HTTP, OAuth, etc.
  9. It has support for RESTful architectures and also seamless exchange of information using messages or documents
  10. It has got concise and easily understandable specifications.
  11. It has a human-readable wire format for ease of use by developers.
  12. It has a solid ontology-based analysis with a rigorous formal mapping for correctness.
  13. The intended scope of it is broad, covering human and veterinary, clinical care, public health, clinical trials, administration and financial aspects.

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