How To Get A Product Website Up Quickly

by Applied Informatics

how to get your website up quickly

In today’s technological age, being connected with your customers is more important than ever, and to do so in a professional light, it is vital to have a good website. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are thorough websites, but luckily a good website does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  First thing you need to do is know your product inside and out as this will help you develop the language and imagery that will go into your website.

Tip: the more you know about your product the faster you can get a website up.

After you’ve done all the research about your product and know every little nook and cranny, it is best to approach the following steps in the eyes of the customer.

Draft a Mock Up!

Visualize the website, and draft a mock up of all the pages and their connections with each other. The more time you invest in this portion of the development process the more time you can save later on when you hit roadblocks. One of the key features of this phase is the hyperlink connections within the website. Oftentimes websites can get so large that it becomes difficult to keep remembering which links open up which pages, mapping this out in a “site map” before hand will save you a lot of confusion.

Choose a Theme

The next step is to choose a theme and color scheme that will represent your company and its products. It is very important to choose a theme that fits well within your industry and product; resist all temptations to copy the layout of your favorite website simply because you like it, remember your website is a functional extension to your customers, just because you like it does not mean your customers will. Purchasing web themes is a good way to save a lot of time, and many barely cost anything at all. Check out this for all types of themes, they have everything from wordpress to HTML.

Customize to Suit your Product

The fourth step is to make that mock up come to life with your new theme. Begin putting in your images, descriptions, and links into your website. Be sure to stay organized.  A good approach to a product website includes introducing the problem your product solves, introducing the product itself, and lastly stating why your product is better than any potential competitor’s product. Be sure not to overload your website with too much text or too many images; having a good balance of both is key or else the website gets dense very quickly.

Another important factor to remember is that a good chunk of your visitors may be accessing your website from a mobile device, so make sure your webpage is mobile optimized!

Lastly, take your website for a run. Send it to some friends or colleagues for their comments and suggestions, it’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes dissect your work. Once everything is to your liking, push that long waited publish button, and go live!

General Tips

  •      Plan out your website and its hyperlink connections in a storyboard type of draft.
  •      Balance the use of text and images, too much of one thing is no good.
  •      Don’t forget an “about me/about (company name)” or “contact us” page. These two are vital for customers to get to know who you are and how to get in contact with you.
  •      Know your product inside out. This will help draft your website, but more importantly it will help answer any and all questions your customers may have.
  •      Keep it simple. Don’t get caught up in all the flashy bells and whistles. A clean elegant website goes a long way in selling your product.
  •      Most importantly, don’t forget to update the website as new products, services or information becomes available..


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