Keep it Simple! The Mantra for an Effective Website

by Applied Informatics


Nowadays anyone can build a website, and with emerging tools such as WordPress, building a website has become child’s play. But many website builders can get caught up in the design aspect, and forget to focus on the user experience or keep their products and customers in mind. This mistake occurs because builders get caught up in all the “high-techness” of a theme, and want to create 50 different webpages for one simple website, in effect creating a very complicated website, something that viewers don’t want to see.

Two recently created websites, and are great examples of a simple, straight to the information websites that draw viewers in. These websites show impeccable simplicity, and with the help of an add-on Bridge Theme template, these websites were created on just one webpage.

When builders understand the viewer, and their needs, builder can have a solid foundation for the website. Many builders get caught up on how the website may look, but focusing on the information for the website, and building design around it will help create a better website.

The reason simplicity is better for a website is because, the simpler and ‘to the point’ a design is, the easier the viewer can see the information without being distracted. A thought-out plan, sitting down before creating a website and creating a workflow of the website being built tremendously helps a builder stick to his goal, and less time is wasted in the long run.

Simplicity…Simplicity…Simplicity… one can’t say it enough. Keeping simplicity in mind, a builder can create an amazing website that helps deliver a product, an idea, or an amazing user experience.

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