Keyword Tracker, Tracking Disease / Condition via Keywords – An Introduction

by Applied Informatics

If you have ever been caught up in the maze of pages and pages of data when all you wanted were a bunch of numbers, you will love this web application. We at Applied, wanted to save your time spent in browsing through numerous websites and search for all kinds of  keywords to get your information. We introduce you to a web app – Keyword Tracker, which does all this for you, in a few minutes, and show you the information on the basis of just your one ‘keyword’.

Keyword Tracker, is a web app that can provide you with information regarding a particular disease input as a keyword. The information includes, no. of trials for a particular disease/keyword, no. of grants issued for disease/keyword, no. of publication for a particular disease and more. This information is further refined and broken down so as to display them under last month, last quarter, year to date (YTD) and last five years categories.


We have crunched over 19M data that we collect from three open data sources : CTGov,PubMed, NIH RePORTERto provide a comprehensive overview at one location. We use the below list of  tools and technologies to make this data available.

  • Apache Spark
  • Elastic
  • Python
  • Django

The data is categorized into,

Grant Stats

Here we provide information on which are the Top Grant Funding Organizations, Top Grant Receiving Organizations, Top investigators working on the disease etc. This also tells you statewise distribution of grants in the US.



Trial Stats

Here, you will find details of clinical trials, the no. of  Top Treatments Under Investigation, Top Sites, Top Sponsors and also Trial Phases for a particular disease etc.



Pubmed Stats

Information regarding authors, their publications, the journals in which papers on a particular condition were published in a particular period of time, etc. are outlined here.


Keyword Tracker, makes searching for and tracking research, trial scenario in a particular disease field easier.

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