Presenting “No Phone or Patient Left Behind: The 1st Cross Platform Researchkit Study” at Mobile in Clinical Trials Conference #MobileClin2016

by Shweta Mishra

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With more than half of the smartphone carrying Americans using their mobile phones to measure some kind of health related activity, mobile health or #mhealth and research kit study apps & wearables are progressively gaining importance amongst researchers and scientists aiming to collect and analyze data related to general health, physical activity, or chronic diseases.

TrialX’s CTO and co-founder Dr. Chintan Patel will be talking about the first cross platform researchkit app at the Mobile in Clinical Trials conference in Boston on 19th September, 2016. Cross platform researchkit apps are compatible with both iOS and Android based systems, providing access to a larger pool of population to collect data for a particular study.

TrialX Inc. launched America Walks Study App in March 2016, a cross platform app study aimed at investigating the walking behavior of Americans. In this study  the participants are required to download the app on their smartphones and give consent to record their steps as they walk. So far, 155 people downloaded the app and 150 people sent in data from across 27 states. The participants have walked more than 18 M steps collectively.  Click here to learn more about the America Walks Study Statistics.

The America Walks Study App allows its participants to see their walk data via a real time leaderboard, and also know how they are walking compared to their fellow participants across different demographic categories like age, gender, income etc. The study continues to recruit participants until 30th September, 2016. It can be downloaded from here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.19.47 PM

In his talk in this conference, Dr. Patel will discuss the details of the America Walks Study App and also explain how researchkit apps can be built for several disease areas and used to gather large volumes of health data more efficiently and effectively to advance human health research.

If you are interested in talking to us about building a research kit app that runs on both iOS and Android, in your area of research, give us a shout out!

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