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ONC, HHS Officials Announce Winners of the Single Signon Challenge.

February 2013.
Applied Informatics OneLogin submission enables users to login to different open source systems like Drupal, Virtuoso, Onto-wiki using the Web ID protocol.

Applied Informatics, the one company among the winners of the ONC’s Metadata Challenge.

February 2013.
HealthLink was adjudged among the winning entries for the ONC’s health data platform metadata challenge.

ONC, HHS Officials Announce Winners of Health App Contests

February 2012.
The Ask Dory! application helps patients locate nearby clinical trials, integrate data from and uses an entropy-based decision tree algorithm.

Winners Of popHealth Tool Development Challenge Named by Health 2.0 and ONC

February 2012.
In a release, Wil Yu, Special Assistant for Innovations at ONC, said, “We are very excited about the winning applications. The popHealth tool is a cutting-edge technology that was able to support a highly technical competition. The winning teams displayed impressive levels of understanding in the areas of meaningful use and provider-patient interaction, which resulted in unique and useful solutions. We look forward to seeing advancements to the teams’ solutions in the future.”

Winners Announced in “Using Public Data for Cancer Prevention and Control” Innovation Challenge

January 2012.
The Ask Dory! application helps patients locate nearby clinical trials, integrate data from and uses an entropy-based decision tree algorithm.
Cancer apps
January 2012.
Congratulations to these innovators who are working to use the latest technology to make cancer more understandable and personalized!
Final health IT innovators win funding for cancer treatment apps
January 2012.
Wil Yu, ONC’s special assistant for innovations – “We seek breakthrough solutions to nuanced issues; some are ready for the marketplace and some are prototypes, but all will have a great potential to benefit Americans. Ask Dory and My Cancer Genome are examples of results that innovation challenges can incentivize and deliver – we’re really excited to see their impact.”
“Ask Dory”- a much needed help to find personalized clinical trials online.
September 2011.
Such websites contain huge amount of information which is often difficult to access and understand for the average patient who is overwhelmed by the maze of information written in scientific and medical jargon. ‘Dory‘ will help the patient to get out that kind of impasse. Dory is an online interactive tool that asks the patients personalized questions and help them find the right clinical trial near them.
Trends and Technologies for Recruitment in the e-Enabled World
August 2010.
The emergence of online social interactions and other information-sharing platforms offers new paradigms that empower patients to actively seek and participate in clinical trials.
Web 3.0: The Dawn of Semantic Search
January 2010.
Beyond simple keyword matching, another use of semantics and language technologies is to find matches between people and their needs. This application [TrialX] uses advanced medical ontologies to combine electronic health records with user-generated information to match people with potentially helpful clinical trials.
Can web 2.0 reboot clinical trials?
October 2009.
TrialX is trying to make it easier for patients and researchers to find each other… TrialX is also one of the first companies that connects to a patient’s personal health record (PHR)…The company has arrangements with the two other pioneers in this field, Microsoft (HealthVault) and Google (GoogleHealth)…Another entry into TrialX is Twitter, the social networking site that allows people to broadcast messages of 140 words or less…TrialX just made an agreement with CenterWatch, one of the world’s largest online databases of active clinical trials…TrialX iPhone app lets patients and doctors search for clinical trials by location, indication or treatment, share it with friends or family, and call a clinical trial investigator.
Doctors: A Tweet a day keeps the patients informed
August 2009.
Since March, a service called “TrialX” connect patients with clinical trials, using Twitter. “The company integrated with two online personal health record providers: Google Health and Microsoft’s HealthVault,” notes the report.
Medical Alerts in 140 Characters or less
August 2009.
TrialX, which started as an online matchup between clincal trial organizers and participants, has expedited this courtship even further by opening up its forum to Twitter, and they’re making a nice profit while doing it.

Twitter Provides New Outlet for Health Data Sharing August 2009.
Services such as TrialX use Twitter to help patients connect with clinical trials
CenterWatch Partners with TrialX to Dramatically Increase Reach of its Global Clinical Trial Listings to Many More Patients August 2009 – “One of CenterWatch’s fundamental objectives is to ensure that patients have the access they need to the thousands of clinical trials going on around the world,” says Chris Pooley, senior vice president of CenterWatch. “Likewise, it’s important that investigators have as many avenues as possible for patient recruitment. Our partnership with TrialX helps to accomplish both those goals.”
CenterWatch and TrialX hope to boost recruitment via web 2.0
August 2009. A new partnership between CenterWatch and TrialX may help boost flagging recruitment rates by “helping patients more easily and rapidly connect with relevant clinical trials.”

Clinical trial app choices: Expensive, for charity or in-the-making August 2009. TrialX also plans to enable users to: Search for clinical trials by location, medical condition or treatment; Share clinical with your patients, friends or family; Call the investigator conducting the trial. More

Twittering Healthcare:
Social Media and Medicine

July 2009. Set up as a more focused alternative to, which might show thousands of search results, TrialX creates a match between the patient’s health profile, lab results, and medications, as well as locations.

TrialX Wins the 2009 New York City Entrepreneur Week Business Plan Competition

May 2009. Competition sponsor and judge, Randall Kane, Managing Director at Solidea Capital, “TrialX identified a business need with great clarity as well as presenting a sustainable business plan, based upon efficiency and significant corporate cost reduction. While reducing costs is a part of everyday life in this economic environment, within the pharma industry it is at the top of every CFO’s list.”

Now Patients Can Tweet for Trials

May 2009. Yet another patient recruitment tool has just been released by New York-based Applied Informatics. But this one is a “do-it-yourself” platform that moves the search for clinical trials onto social media sites like Twitter.

Twitter app aids in finding clinical trials

April 2009. Healthcare IT start-up TrialX has launched an application that allows the 4 million to 6 million (and growing) Twitter users to find clinical trials.

Older folks like Wii, PCs and cellphones, too
January 2009 – Google Health lets patients tap into third-party resources such as the Cleveland Clinic or (for finding clinical trials based on personal health information).

Keeping Your Own Health Chart, Online October 2008. New tools are being developed that may help harried patients…TrialX ( matches patients to relevant clinical trials based on their health information