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by Shahid Ashraf

It has always been difficult to track ongoing research in your organization or an organization of your interest. You start looking into research listing websites like clinicaltrials, Pubmed etc. and you realize how tedious it is to get insights from these websites. We at Applied have developed an application which can be your personal assistant in tracking research activity.

ResearchStar provides a single platform to get insights about publications, clinical trials going on at your organization as well as take stock of funding allocations for research. This data comes to you via our proprietary algorithm which links funding data with publications and clinical trials. In the below sections,we will take a sneak peak into the features of the application.

Dashboard gives a bird’s eye view about research activities going on in your organization over a period of time. You can select a period of your choice to get data on research activity. 


Research Star powers us to see how many publications, clinical trials, grants and funding allotments are present in the period. And at the same time lets us compare these counts with the national averages and groups.

If you want to drill down more into clinical trials, Pubmed, and grant stats, we have stats summary pages, where metrics like how many active and inactive trials are going, or what is the impact factor distribution of publications. etc. and more are displayed.

grant chart

Compare sections provides you with the ability to compare stats with your peers.

compare page

There are lot more features of Research Star which you may find interesting.  Visit our product page for more details and try out our demo.

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