Why Google Analytics Needs to be on YOUR Website…

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Google Analytics on your Website


Web Analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website. This tool not only helps to measure traffic flow to the site, but also helps website administrators to determine effectiveness and impact of the website at a granular level.

Google Analytics is a versatile tool to analyze impact of the website on users and consumers. It aids in strategy decisions of the business as related to digital communication and marketing through website and web portals. Typically, demographics of the users will be the key to decisions that determine product promotion segments and target markets.

Google Analytics is a highly rated software tool for web analytics. We have embedded this tool in our software to collect data on website effectiveness. We have seen that the benefits are multifold.

5 Key Benefits of using Google Analytics

  1. Has a seamless data collection and management that includes cross-device and cross-platform measurements.
  2. Can identify user platforms and launching browsers.
  3. Focus on audience is a key benefit – the kind of people (more than demographics, where they come from, how they find your content, how loyal and engaged they are).
  4. Gives content publishers and bloggers a way to earn money with relevant ads placed on their websites, mobile sites, and site search results.
  5. Senses sales and conversions through digital marketing interactions and gauge the impact of different channels, referral sources, campaigns, and keywords — then use what you learn to improve your marketing.

So, get Google Analytics on your website now!

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